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  • 650 plots

  • $0.4/plot

  • Daily Uplink

  • Up to 1Tb daily

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  • 2,000 plots

  • $0.3 per plot

  • Priority Uplink

  • Shared up to 5Tb uplink daily

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  • 1,400 plots

  • $0.4/plot

  • Daily Uplink

  • Up to 3Tb daily

2-year contract

₮2,000 setup fee, unlimited plots purchases

Up to 48 plots daily per shared-plotter uplink. (K32)

Direct upload to your designated FTP folder. (Backblaze, OVH, Crowdstorage) 

No trouble on hardware management, software/firmwae tunings or configuration.



What’s the payment option?

We accept Tether (USDt) payment only. It can be made via ERC20, TRC20 or OMNI protocol.

Why virtual plotter?

Plotter generates lots of heat and noise. As chia network growth, that you don’t want to have them in your house. We can cover all that for you.

Can I use my own FTP?

Yes and no. To optimize our clients’ daily download, we strongly recommend using third party Storage-service.

What else do I need to do?

All you need is a budget harvester (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4) to farm. Leave all the hard works to us.

Do you need my private key?

No. Only submit your chia Pool key & Farmer key to us. DO NOT share your private key to anyone including us.

How many TB I can get a day?

Up to 5 Tb per day per shared plotter. We will upload 1 Tb to your Storage-service provider. Once you’ve download them and empty it. Then our plotter will detect and prepared next batch for you automatically.


Stay in sync.

Maximize your farm size

High-end PC cost a lot and it won’t bring you straight profits. We can handle the costly and technical plotting work for you. Save your budget and time, to invest on more hard-drive storages.